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Natural Tiger Eye Healing Bracelets Crystal Bracelet For Women 8MM Gemstone Stone Bracelet Lucky Calm Anxiety Bracelet Positivity Gifts Bracelet For Men

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Type: Beads Bracelet
Stone: Tiger’s Eye
Beads Size (MM): 8mm
Beads Count (Approx.): 20-25
Healing Power: Brings positive energy and make to be more optimistic.
Ideal For: Men & Women (Unisex)
Disclaimer: There could be slight differences in colour of the stones.

The Tiger’s Eye Stone Bracelet is meticulously crafted by hand, using high-quality natural semi-precious tiger’s eye
gemstones. The bracelet features impeccably smooth, spherical beads made from tiger's eye gemstone, meticulously threaded
onto a stretchable elastic thread. The visual aesthetic of this bracelet is remarkably appealing, showcasing a striking
fusion of black and brown hues in each bead, enhancing its overall appearance.

Tiger's Eye is a powerful protective stone, fostering courage and strength. It enhances focus, mental clarity, and insight.
Known for its striking golden-brown appearance, it balances yin-yang energies, promoting harmony and aiding in decision-making.

Kindly note that there could be slight differences in the colour, shade and texture of the stones since all the stone
that we use are 100% natural and hence each and every piece of gemstone has slight difference from the other.

Healing Benefits of Tiger’s Eye Stone:
It promotes optimism and positive energy.
It instills confidence, propelling the wearer beyond their comfort zone toward their goals.
It fosters creativity and innovation.

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