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Lapis Lazuli Beads Crystal Bracelet, 8-MM Beads- Hand Beaded Stone Wear Girls, Boys, Men & Women - Positive Energy Stones, Fashion & Everyday Wear

Rs. 499 Rs. 999
Bracelet Size: 8″
Type: Beads Bracelet
Stone: Lapis Lazuli
Beads Size (MM): 8mm
Beads Count (Approx.): 20-25
Healing Power: Lapis Lazuli is believed to enhance self-awareness and spiritual growth.
Ideal For: Men & Women (Unisex)
Disclaimer: There could be slight differences in colour of the stones.

Experience the captivating fusion of style and healing with our Lapis Lazuli Natural Gemstone Blue Bracelet. Meticulously crafted from genuine
Lapis Lazuli Beads, expertly strung on a flexible, stretchable elastic cord, this bracelet embodies sophistication while embracing powerful
therapeutic properties.
Lapis Lazuli, revered as the "Stone of Wisdom," possesses an array of extraordinary attributes that enhance overall well-being and inner harmony:

Promotes Inner Wisdom and Truth: Lapis Lazuli facilitates self-awareness and honesty, encouraging a deeper connection to inner wisdom and truth.
It's believed to aid in honest expression and self-discovery.
Enhances Mental Clarity and Focus: This gemstone helps clear the mind, enhance mental focus, and bring about a sense of inner peace. It's thought
to alleviate confusion and support intellectual pursuits.
Harmonizes Energy Flow: Lapis Lazuli harmonizes and balances energy flow within the body, aligning the chakras and fostering a harmonious balance
of energies.
Aids in Stress Reduction: The soothing energy of Lapis Lazuli assists in reducing stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil, promoting a sense of
calm and tranquility.
Encourages Spiritual Growth: Lapis Lazuli is associated with spiritual growth, deepening meditation, and fostering a connection to higher realms.
It's believed to awaken spiritual insight and intuition.

Every bracelet is meticulously handcrafted, showcasing the unique beauty of each Lapis Lazuli stone, threaded onto a stretchable elastic wire.
Our dedication to craftsmanship ensures the value and distinctiveness of each piece. Elevate your style and embrace the healing potential of
Lapis Lazuli with this exceptional and cherished jewelry.

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