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Emerald Tanzanite Sterling Silver Pear Tops Earring

Rs. 7,999
This stunning pair of tops showcase pear shape cut Tanzanite accompanied with Emerald and round blue sapphire with single cut diamond. These evergreen tops are made in a combination of 92.5 % purity sterling silver with color stone 2.70 CT. Diamond 0.8 CT & Silver 3.60Gm. This  inspired top is light in weight and has a grand look making it a show stopper. The earring stud come with Micron rhodium coated to prevent tarnish and will last you years to come. Wearing emerald enhances the intellectual capacity of a person. It develops a person's reasoning ability and arithmetic skills. Emerald is considered to have qualities of the planet Mercury and is believed to be its representation & Tanzanite is commonly believed to facilitate a higher consciousness and stimulate intuition and perception. Tanzanite is an awesome immune booster. This gemstone encourages regeneration meaning that skin, hair, and cells can all find their perfect flush of health.

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