Take care of your precious jewelry this rainy season.

The pitter-patter of rain brings immense joy and whenever someone mentions monsoon, heart-warming memories like a rain shower, soft drizzling sounds, romance, greenery, muddy fragrance, chai-pakora’s with a hot cup of tea, and old melodies are all that come to the mind and this is why because of these lovely reasons that monsoon remains one of the most awaited seasons every year.

Did you know that with the arrival of monsoon season brings along heightened humidity which has detrimental effects on your valuable jewels? Be it gold, delicate silver, precious pearls, gemstones or diamonds, all need to be handled with care during the rainy season. Moisture can affect the quality of metal alloys and tarnishes their shine and damage your ornaments in various irreparable ways. Silver Jewelry is prone to oxidization and tarnishing which means that it turns silver jewellery black in color, simultaneously robbing them of their charm and shine. This happens due to the increased humidity in the atmosphere during the monsoon season, these items face a greater risk of corrosion.

As the age-old saying goes ‘precaution is better than the cure’, here are some tips by Anjoriya Jewels for you to ensure that your jewelry tides through the monsoon season and stays beautiful forever.

Keep moisture at bay

Moisture, in other words, is villain which affects your ornaments in various ways. So, you need to ensure maximum levels of protection for your jewelry from moisture and humidity — at both times, when you wear it and also when you store it.

Make sure to avoid wearing jewelry when you are heading out in the rain, and put them on only once you have reached the safe destination. Further, never forget to clean your jewellery on a regular basis and store them well with care to avoid any damages and to retain their shine for a longer time.


Protection methods for different types of jewellery

Every piece of jewelry has its different properties, based upon to what it is made of. And those aspects make it prone to the effects of the monsoon season in several ways. In order to care and protect your jewellery in this rainy season, you must need to know the extent of the effect and what can be the possible solutions.

Diamonds: Since we all know that diamonds are least prone to any damage, it has been observed how many people end up using such jewellery as an everyday wear. Because of exposure to moisture and dirt on a regular basis, diamond jewellery tends to lose their shine. To get rid from dirt and ensure that the shine does not get ruined, you should clean your diamond jewelry either with soapy water or with a soft damped cloth to protect the shine of your jewelry.

Gold and platinum: Gold and platinum jewelry is considered to be as the neutral metals and therefore, these metal jewelries do not need a lot of attention and care. However, in case of a lot of exposure to dust and dirt, especially amidst a humid environment, may render these dirty and would ruin them. Therefore, you need to ensure that you thoroughly clean these with warm soapy water to keep their charm and shine safe which will add years to their life.

Silver: Silver is highly prone to oxidization and tarnishing, thereby turning your jewelry black making it lose its shine. During monsoon, it becomes more prone to such corrosion. Therefore, you need to take extra care of your silver jewelry during the monsoon season. You can either use soft cotton cloth or toothpaste to clean it and avoid letting it get in contact with water. Moreover, you may also opt for a ‘silver dip’ known as silver rhodium or polish to restore its shine and give it a look as new.

Gemstones:  Their organic nature and delicateness, gemstones like pearls, coral, amber etc. needs the utmost attention and care. For instance, while coming in direct contact with perfumes, deo and sprays especially during the monsoon season may result in causing irreparable damage to these delicate gemstones. Moreover, this jewelry may develop scratches from the littlest of frictions to them. Therefore, you need to take precautions adequately in order to ensure that these remain in their original form for long.

Store them right

Since we all know moisture is the reason which ends up damaging your jewelry in many ways, it is important for us to store jewelry in the most secured way as possible. You can buy a hard-covered storage box with a soft interior, and keep silica gel pouches inside these boxes which can absorb excess moisture present. You can also go for a box which has separate compartments in it to ensure that your jewelry does not get broken or scratched because of any kind of friction. Also storing each piece of jewelry separately in multiple zip-lock bags can ensure both a vacuum environment as well as no friction for your jewelry. Most importantly, you need to ensure that you have dried each piece of your jewelry thoroughly before storing them into the boxes or zip-lock pouches.

While the best protection tip, we can give to you would be to avoid wearing your delicate jewelry in the rainy season, these beautiful ornaments are often too irresistible and you cannot help yourself but adorn them. Therefore, you should make sure that you follow the above-mentioned tips and practices well in order to protect your jewelry from any such adverse possibilities that may affect it and to keep them just as beautiful forever!

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